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ClassWizard DispoCloud From ad make-up to a complete system

ClassWizard staff team are experts for planning and management of print and digital media including production in all print channels. Beginning 2003 with its revolutionary same-name JAVA application, ClassWizard GmbH has made a name for itself in the German and international markets. Today the solution platform DispoCloud takes in browser-based applications for cross-media ad sales support, production planning, advertising and page production. It optimizes ad asset management, proof and approval workflows and the monitoring of publishing processes with CtP and control center linkup to output management. Well-known media companies throughout Europe and the U.S. have optimized as well as modernized their publishing processes with DispoCloud, thus creating overall production transparency.

Our Solutions Have a look for yourself

DispoCloud is not only just another flat planning and page-makeup tool on a new platform, which supports the traditional way of processing. We are convinced that the sales and production processes of the future will change and also be more flexible. These facts have been considered when designing the concept of DispoCloud. Beside the planning for print and digital products, DispoCloud provides tools for media sales staff, ad sales, ad and material management, ad and page production, proof and approval workflows, ad pagination and output management. Real time communication with existing systems via web services.

The highly efficient and automatized production of advertising pages is the main goal of Umbruch. The practical experience of many years in a wide variety of publishing houses has been the basis when developing the tool in browser technology. It seamlessly fits into the overall DispoCloud solution.



This product is not being further developed anymore.

It is being replaced by "Umbruch" as part of the DispoCloud solution. ClassWizard users who consider an upgrade, please contact our sales. 

A core functionality of DispoCloud is the effective and seamless communication with the advertising and editorial systems, which are established in the publishing market. Modern, web services based interfaces are in operation, e.g. with solutions from CCI, Gogol Medien, HuP, Lineup Systems, Multicom, Protecmedia, red.web, SAP, Vi&Va and vjoon. In the area of prepress systems interfaces are available e.g. for AdFlow Systems, Agfa, GetThere, Nela, Procset, ProImage and Visiolink. Communication with press control systems of  EAE and manroland via Pecom have also been implemented.

Your Economic Success

It’s your commercial success that counts. It was with this in focus that we conceived and developed the DispoCloud. It was not enough to provide just another flat planning and page-makeup tool on a new technology platform and bring it to the market to support the traditional way of processing. We are convinced that the sales and production processes of the future will unavoidably change and demand more flexibility. Cost pressure on publishers is increasing while ad revenues and circulation are continuing to decline. The DispoCloud assists by optimizing organization and processes to automate and even eliminate them, which reduces costs and increases their usefulness. This concept with its philosophical and optimizing potential was quickly recognized and implemented by our business partners.

Partnership in Project Work

Right from the start, the introduction of new concepts, technology and solutions will be professionally planned in close cooperative partnership with our customers. To assist our customers toward a successful implementation of a changeover project, we offer reliable corresponding services like Consulting, Project Management, Training and Support. Our team consists of real experts with years of valuable experience in the publishing industry. As a guiding principle we do not update existing procedures and processes with new technology but question these things and accordingly offer new workflows and tools which for example can eliminate media breaks and manual work or include advertising customers in the production, correction and release workflow and to create transparency. Naturally the advantages for the company only come into effect when the implementation involves adjustments of traditional processes and organizational changes. We analyze your current processes, identify optimizing potential and workout solution suggestions tailored to your company-specific objectives.

„UMBRUCH“ is here already 193 dailies and weeklies upgraded

Faster - more comfortable - secure - that's how our customers describe the UMBRUCH

Since September 2015 193 titles (dailies and weeklies) in 3 countries have been upgraded from Classwizard Classic or Pro to UMBRUCH.

We replace all JAVA components through our new HTML5 project „UMBRUCH“. UMBRUCH nestles snugly into the DispoCloud environment, all configurations like page size, type area, class headers or filler we will take from the old system. The change happens in parallel with the ongoing production and is recommended title by title.

Additionally we have a „white label“ integration for this product in preparation, allowing other suppliers, competitors or customers to trigger the UMBRUCH and integrate it over interface in their own product range. This is provided by us via SWAGGER (The World's Most Popular Framework for APIs).

If you are also interested in a changeover, please contact us, we will make you an attractive offer that is tailored to your business.

Important Info for all ClassWizard Users

ClassWizard applications and products are not released for Java 8 and higher. Using Java in a runtime environment carries a high level of production and security risk at the moment. 

Please, ask us before you change or update the JAVA environment of ClassWizard systems.  Where necessary, a swivel to our HTML5 solution UMBRUCH is a secure alternative. 

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