Project Description

UMBRUCH | clever page make-up

– For daily newspapers, large and medium-sized publishing houses and media groups. | The PROFI VERSION for medium and large teams. With connection to page planning and PlanEditor as well as the integration into output management LUTS.

Without PAGE MAKE-UP it will be difficult to produce a newspaper.

Because that means you have to get along without ads and thus without money from print advertising. That may work, but is much more difficult for the classical publishing house, as with print ads.
Often the private and business classifieds are printed rubricated in the newspaper.
Who would like to find the advertisements of the call center or the declutterer at the family advertisements, not to mention the fancy ladies …
Therefore ads are divided into categoies, the so-called classes.

It is crucial, with what effort you get this structure into the paper. Headers, sorting sequences, classes structures and lines as well as fillers are important design criterias. And, of course, no matter how much the geometries may diverge, these classes should not be mixed, for the class is as a clamp that holds everything together.

Our UMBRUCH was specially developed as a browser app and is an optional part of our DispoCloud. Do you have many single, recurring steps in placing the ads? Then it pays to save time and think about UMBRUCH for advertisements, because nothing is more valuable than your time.


from €599/month*
  • 2 x server-license (Prod+Test)
  • Price depends on number of publications and circulation
  • Unlimited number of regional issues (same CI required)
  • License type: Software as a Service | data center operations

Our fastest PAGE MAKE-UP ever.

You have to experience it!

Made for PRINT …

Not every issue is identical and paper and distribution are expensive

With the DispoCloud page planning and the UMBRUCH you can create a long-term and short-term planning for your titles. You have an overview of all issues and see which pages or partial pages belong together.
You MAKE-UP the ads on pages, or partial pages, and then inherit them by the page planning.
Planning also means making short-term changes to the scope, print product or department. Changing the pagination or headers is part of the daily business.

If you want to know how UMBRUCH can support you, have an ONLINE DEMO to convince yourself why you should switch to DispoCloud V4 !

Target group | APP usage

To whom DispoCloud V4 PAGE MAKE-UP is suitable?
If one or more points apply, you should be aware of it.

  • You use class headers

  • Multi-level class hierarchies (main and sub-classes)

  • Lines between the ads

  • You need filler between the ads

  • Ads are available as HTML, XML, EPS or PDF

  • Ad distances must be compensated / adjusted (spread| arranged)

Daily newspapers circulation > 25.000
Weeklies | circulation > 50.000 | >2 regional issues
Magazine | Special-Interests | circulation > 50.000
other print titles


The UMBRUCH is part of the DispoCloud product family and will be seamlessly integrated with the other modules, you see below, to one product for you.

All modules are optional components that are integrated into your workflow via central interfaces to your „world“ (already existing solutions) specifically to your requirements.

Important for this is the knowledge of the processes that we like to define and map together with you.